Education Hub Nepal

Education Hub Nepal

Online search portal for colleges in Nepal . [ Blog post ]

Main feature:

Different modules for Website, User, Contributor, Administrator

Login/signup with facebook,google

Custom CMS to manage college, courses and users

Any user can suggest edit to the content and admin or super user can approve the update

Graphical interfaces and graphs to visualize data

User access managment. Different access level

Content access right management. Admin can assign roles to volunteers to manage specific colleges or courses

Link :

Modern Art Framing

Modernartframing is a custom framing web application. Their business is based in Australia.

Main feature:

Framing Engine built with vanilla JavaScript and PHP GD library

Frame, prints, user managment by customized CMS

Mailchimp integration for bulk email

Link :


Ken Duncan Photography

Ken Duncan photography is a website that sells prints and frames by KenDuncan. They also offer custom framing option. Their business is based in Australia.

Main feature:

Framing Engine built with plain JavaScript

Rule based discount and offer managmement

Frame, prints managment by customized CMS

KD Gallery, and offline photography presentation system built with Java Applet

Link :

Americar Shuttle

Americar Shuttle is a private shuttle service based on Chicago

Main feature:

Google map integration for place autosuggest and distance calculation

Rule based price engine

Graph integration to visual statistics

HTML to pdf conversion with DOF pdf

Four different modules for Website, Driver, Customer, and Administrator

Link :


SuperCentric Connect Portal

Web application to manage SMSF and portfolio administration.

Main feature:

Bulk email system using cron job

Push Notification system

PDF and different documents creation from backend CMS

Strong User Access Control (individual user and usergroup)


Laravel: custom commands and triggers

Link :

Network Monitoring System

The application monitors all devices in the networks to detect if any device is down.

Main feature:

Sends small ping packets to all end nodes

Uses SNMP protocol

Notifies the related station with email if any device is down or if any device has recovered

Generates detailed reports including device up/down time

Ping frequency can be changed by admin

Uses multiple thread. Live update in swing JTable

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Inventory management system for United Telecom Ltd, Nepal

Main feature:

Keep record of incoming items

Keep record of which employee has taken what items

CRUD operation on inventory

Mobile Apps